Who are the Wild?

Q: What is the Canadian Wild of Southern Illinois?
A: The Canadian Wild is a professional softball team made up of players from the Canadian Women’s National Team.

Q: Will the Wild have tryouts?
A: No, The Wild will be made up of players of Canada’s Women’s Softball team and selected by Softball Canada.

Q: Who is Softball Canada?
A: The Canadian Amateur Softball Association, commonly known as Softball Canada, is a not-for-profit National Sport Organization (NSO) based in Ottawa, Ontario founded in 1965. It is recognized and financially supported by the Government of Canada as the National Governing Body for the sport of softball. Softball Canada is administered by an eight-member Board of Directors elected by the country's 12 Provincial and Territorial Associations and is supported by eight staff members working in the National Office.

Q: Why does Softball Canada want to play at Rent One Park?
A: In August of 2016 the International Olympic Committee announced that Softball and Baseball will return to the Olympics held in Tokyo in 2020. Softball Canada knew that it was important to face opponents that will help prepare them for the Olympics.  Playing games in the United States, allows for them to see top notch competition.

Q: How did they select Rent One Park and the Miners Organization?
A: The Miners were approached in August of 2018 by the NPF about the potential of this partnership. The NPF was familiar with Rent One Park and the Miners from working with the organization in 2010 and 2011 when ROP hosted an NPF series. Softball Canada selected ROP from 2 other potential sites in the United States. 

Q: What is SIU’s involvement with the Wild?
A: SIU has partnered with Softball Canada to rent housing for the players to stay in during the season. They have also extended the use of their softball field, training facilities and recreation center.

Q: How long will ROP have the Wild?
A: The parties involved have agreed to a two-year contract.

Q: Does the team have a sponsor?
A: VisitSI has come on board to be the presenting sponsor of the Canadian Wild.

Q: How will this affect the Miners schedule?
A: The Wild will be playing their home games when the Miners are on the road.

Q: Where can I find a schedule for the Wild?

Q: What are ticket prices for the Wild?
A: Ticket prices will be $8.00 a game and group prices at $6.00 a game

Q: Will there be fireworks on Friday Wild home games?
A: No.

Q: Are season tickets available?
A: Due to potential scheduling challenges during the COVID pandemeic we will not be able to offer season tickets.

Q: Are there any special group experiences?

Q: Where can I purchase Wild apparel?
A: Wild apparel will be available in the Miners General Store.